What is Organizational Consulting?

Organizational behavior is the study of how people behave in groups, this practice is particularly well suited for the workplace.
Some examples of organizational behavior strategies offered include:

  • Strategy mapping

  • Maximizing employee efficiency

  • Action research

  • Project groups

  • Personality workshops

  • Diversity needs assessments

  • Descriptive statistics used to find correlations in company performance

Police Workshop

Organizational behavior is a rapidly growing field with an important emphasis to businesses because it places value on not only how people behave at work, but also why they behave in certain ways. There are emerging trends in the workplace including technostress, cyber deviance, and counterproductive behavior, that have far reaching consequences for many companies, and they don’t yet realize it.

“Companies need to look at predictive behavior personality tests because it will likely reduce the likelihood of employee turnover.” – Brandon Clark

Do you think you might need an organizational consultation?

This is not your run of the mill business consultation where we come in and take a look at your key performance indicators.
What we are looking to help businesses do is produce long lasting, sustainable change, by changing the way employee’s think about each other, their jobs, and their workplace.